Fall 2016 - Fall photo shoots are great. But, sometimes we all miss the timing when the leaves are at it peaks.  

When Phani and Priyanka reached out to us for a Fall photo shoot, we went on location hunting(that was the most exciting part). We wanted to search for the right location where the leaves are at full peak. Out of 5 parks(yes we literally went through 5 parks around Harrisburg-Mechanicsburg), we chose Ponderosa park located out of Dillsburg, PA. But we were afraid if Phani and Priyanka can make it with the kids as there always is a lot of preparation that goes into getting the kids ready, selecting the perfect outfits and props for the photo shoot.

Slashing our doubts, they made it and with such an amazing planning and preparation from them, we were able to complete the shoot without any interruptions. Big applause to the kids, not only for their co-ordination, but they even assisted us in the shoot. 


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